What makes us special?

Hiway Fuel Services Ltd. is a locally owned and operated company where the ownership is actively involved in the daily operations for all locations!!  We also understand that fuel in a 24/7 concern which is why all of our operations managers are available on a 24/7 basis.  We do NOT employ a answering service!  if you have an emergency or a simple question you can call the respective operations manager directly “anytime”.

Hiway Fuel Services employs the latest in computer technology which allows us to track you fuel in real time.  We also have the ability to customize reports to your satisfaction. We do not believe in “one report fits all approach”  You tell us what information you want to see in your report and we will make it available to you on-line or it can be emailed to you at a frequency of your choice.  Either way all of our reports are in excel which makes it easy to port into any accounting system or to do further analysis on your own.

Hiway Way fuel Services Ltd. places a large focus on safety and the environment.  We do not just simply hope everything is ok.  All of our drivers receive annual refreshers on “safety operating procedures” to ensure non of our employees or customers are never put at risk.  All of our employees are trained in accordance to ISO  standards in terms of safe operating procedures in terms of the environment and also strict procedures in the event of a spill.

We also incorporate any specific safety and environmental procedures that a specific client may have.

Hiway Fuel Services Ltd. also offers other services such as a full line of lubricants along with onsite def refueling.  If there is a specific service that you are looking for and do not see it on this site do not hesitate to ask and if we are not able to offer that specific service we are more than happy to work with you to ensure your service needs are met.

We offer a cardlock service through the Husky and Chevron network allowing our customers to have complete control of their fuel use whether it be on-site refueling or through a cardlock, either way we track all your fuel!

You want to rent a furl truck?  we can also provide that service.

Again we are a locally owned and operated and are extremely flexible to meet your operational needs!!