Bulk Deliveries

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Yes, we offer great pricing for bulk deliveries.

Yes our trucks are equipped with multiple compartments and we carry more than one product at all times.

Not at all, we’d prefer you order fuel before you are fully empty. Our trained petroleum specialists always assess your tank prior to filling it up.

Trained Professionals

All of our employees are trained in accordance to ISO standards in terms of safe operating procedures (SOP’s) in terms of the environment and also strict procedures in the event of a spill.

Fast Delivery

Hiway Fuel Services understands that fuel is a 24/7 concern! This is the sole reason why Hiway Fuel Services does not employ an answering service and that all of our operations managers are available on a 24/7 basis. If you have an emergency or a simple change request you can call the operations manager in your area anytime and that includes Christmas day!

24/7 Support

It’s a core principle of Hiway Fuel Service that Operations Managers are available around the clock 365 days a year. And if you need to talk with the president he is also available.