Hiway Fuel History

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Hiway Fuel Services Ltd. History

Hiway Fuel Services Ltd. first started delivering fuel under the banner of Hiway Refrigeration Ltd. in 1994. The first delivery vehicle was a ford F350 with a 1000L single compartment tank on the back. The primary purpose of the truck was to re-fuel reefer tanks for Hiway Refrigeration’s existing customers. In 1997 Hiway Refrigeration purchased their first actual tanker truck, a GMC chassis with a 7,700L single compartment tank.

In 2004, Hiway Refrigeration Ltd. purchased a second truck with the hopes of expanding the refuelling business beyond the customer base of Hiway Refrigeration Ltd. The new service was successful in expanding to the point  a separate company for the fuel business was created. On February 5, 2005 Hiway Fuel services Ltd. was formed. The two companies shared the same office and yard along with common staff for all administration needs. Over the next seven years Hiway Fuel services expanded rapidly along with entering new markets:

On December 31, 2008 Hiway Fuel Services (Alberta) Ltd. was formed and started fueling common customers in the Calgary, Alberta area, already being re-fuelled in the Vancouver area (Lower Mainland). In March 2012 Hiway Fuel Services expanded the Alberta business to include Edmonton, Alberta.

In August 2012 Hiway Fuel Services entered the Cardlock business and became cardlock account distributers for both Husky and Chevron under the Hiway Fuel Services name.

In October 2012 Hiway Refrigeration was sold and Hiway Fuel services relocated to a new office building.

On December 17, 2014 Hiway Fuel Services (Manitoba) Ltd. was formed to service Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

Hiway Fuel Services continues to grow in all markets and plans are in the works to expand into Saskatchewan in the near future.

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