Hiway Fuel Services Online Fuel Management System

Manage Petro is an online platform to handle all of your fuel management needs. This state of the art system centralizes all information into one secured database to ensure that YOU the client can have information at your fingertips in a matter of seconds!

You and your staff now have the ability to track fuel usage on a daily/weekly/monthly basis

  • Monitor and verify incoming invoices / deliveries (allowing you to budget your current or future fuel expenses)
  • Further reduction in fuel usage due to better management and proper scheduling of your fleets/equipment
  • You will be able to track how many liters were dispensed into any or all units (Helps reduce fuel theft or even track units that are not functioning properly based on the fuel consumption)
  • Overall reduction in company’s carbon foot print in terms of consuming less resources to gather the information needed

Hiway Fuel Services Online Fuel Management System

There are many benefits but typically what we hear from our clients is:

  • REPORTING – Detailed, accurate and customizable reports that are easily exported via excel file.
  • MONITORING – The ability to regularly monitor fuel usage by day/week/month/year.
  • BUDGETING – Proper Budgeting by tracking fuel usage and or cost analysis for a leased or rented unit
  • THEFT REDUCTION – Identify fuel theft/loss at an early stage which lets you execute an action plan
  • CONVENIENCE – Easy interface to use, with no training needed