Marked Dyed Diesel

Gas Fueling and Customized fuelling schedule

For off-road vehicles

Marked dyed diesel is a lower tax category of fuel that is also referred to as off-road, coloured, red and purple. This fuel is most suited for construction sites, marine vessels, agricultural equipment and other applications that don’t include the wear and tear to roads and highways.

This cleaner diesel has been refined to reduce the sulphur content to 15 parts per million (ppm) or less, as mandated by federal environmental protection legislation passed in 2006. The lower sulphur content is an important contributor to reducing the harmful exhaust emissions from diesel engines and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions. The composition of this fuel is also adjusted for seasonal temperatures, ensuring optimal performance in all kinds of weather conditions. We also deliver Number 1 Fuel (Kerosene), which is ideal for colder climates.

Note: Your business is required to have a provincial tax exemption number before you can purchase marked dyed fuels.

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