Designed to Deliver

As Western Canada’s premier source for on-site fuel delivery and management services, Hiway Fuel Services provides safe, reliable, and cost-effective refueling solutions. Services that can be fully customized to meet your specific needs.

Whether you need fuel, Lubricants, DEF, fuel equipment, or you require to rent/lease an actual fuel truck, Hiway Fuel Services is your one stop shop. If you need a service not listed on the website, please call our customer service representative in your region and we will assist you with all your fuel needs and associated services.

Remember that your true cost of fuel is all costs associated to your fuel consumption and delivery. Whatever cost per liter that you are currently paying at the Card lock or pump, one can expect the true cost to be 7-9% higher once you include labour, fuel consumption, and wear and tear involved in refueling your own fleet.

With the high cost of fuel and labour, your method of fuel delivery has to be taken seriously and made a priority! Hiway Fuel Services will work with your team on determining the most cost effective way to manage and reduce your total fuel costs to meet your needs.