Anti-theft devices

Helping you eliminate fuel theft risk

With rising fuel costs, fuel theft has become very common in the market place. The national average is that 2% of the fuel that a company purchases never actually gets used for the companies good. Fuel theft can happen from internal and external sources, and most commonly comes from skimming or what’s called “regular low-volume fuel theft”. This theft can often go unnoticed even when fuel management systems are in place The result is higher fuel consumption and cost.

There are several anti theft devices on the market that one can incorporate into their operating assets. Call your local Hiway rep and they will drop by for a free consultation on the best measures that can be used to prevent fuel theft within your organization. Implementing an on-site diesel refueling service has proven to be a highly effective way of reducing fuel theft within one’s organization.

Hiway Fuel Services uses their in-house proprietary fuel management system to monitor unusual fuel usage for all pieces of equipment being fueled. Our reporting system also allows our customers to add mileage and engine hours which also aids in tracking fuel loss.

Protect your fuel, your drivers and your bottom line

At Hiway Fuel Services, we pride ourselves on offering our customers comprehensive fuel management solutions that can include installing anti-siphoning devices to eliminate the risk of fuel theft. These devices provide you with a robust physical barrier against fuel theft that complements the electronic fuel monitoring and management systems you may already have in place.

These devices are highly cost effective with no moving parts to maintain and can be transferred between vehicles, if needed.

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