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Canada's premier On-site fuel delivery

Since 1994, Hiway Fuel Services Ltd. has been serving the fuelling needs of leading Canadian businesses throughout western Canada. Our commitment to safety and service has earned us a reputation as western Canada’s premier on-site fuel services company. Due to this success we continue to expand our reach into different markets.

With Hiway Fuel Services, you can manage your fuel consumption and costs more effectively while we take care of your fuelling, tracking and reporting needs. Our on-site fuel delivery services give you access to a modern fleet of vehicles run by our drivers who are all certified by the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute.

Mobile refuelling that maximizes safety, service and savings

As the foundation of our business, workplace safety and environmental leadership are the driving forces behind all of our policies and procedures. When you choose Hiway Fuel Services for your fuelling needs, you know your staff, equipment and property are safe. The financial risks associated with downtime, equipment repairs, environmental cleanup and insurance are substantially reduced, while productivity is maximized by recapturing the time lost to off-site fuelling.

Our personalized approach to customer service means the person answering the phone is the same person who will be assisting you with your fuelling needs. You will never get lost in a maze of automated choices but instead speak directly to one of our fuelling experts every time. And with our Real-time Fuel Management® system, all of your card-lock purchases and on-site service can be combined into one consolidated invoice. We take great pride in providing such personalized service, and our growing list of loyal customers lets us know we’re doing it right.

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Strict Safety Standards

Keeping your worksite safe and operational is critical. Accidents can create a wide variety of costly consequences that can include equipment repairs, environmental clean-ups and elevated insurance costs. Productivity can also be severely impacted, increasing your costs even further. That’s why we have developed strict safety standards to safeguard against accidental fuel spills.

On site Refueling services

Comprehensive safety training

All of our fuelling professionals are certified by the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute and must successfully complete two intensive training courses. They must also meet our internal orientation standards before entering one of our trucks or a customer’s site.

Emergency response expertise

A key component of this training includes emergency response training. All of our trucks are outfitted with safety and emergency equipment that is maintained and checked as part of our daily pre-trip inspection.

Lower accident risk

One of the best and most effective safety strategies for your business is using a professional, direct-to-equipment fuel delivery service. Your team is protected from exposure, the environment is protected from dangerous spills, and you are protected from liability.

In the unlikely event of a spill, we carry $10 million of insurance that includes $5 million in environmental liability insurance.

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