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As Western Canada’s premier source for on-site fuel delivery and management services, Hiway Fuel Services provides safe, reliable, and cost-effective refueling solutions. Services that can be fully customized to meet your specific needs.

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Western Canada's Premier Source for On-Site Fuel Delivery and Fuel Management Services
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Hiway Fuel Services is known throughout western Canada for our ability to handle every detail of our customers’ particular fueling needs.

What makes us different from our competitors? Our Custom Services

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Anytime is fuel time

Hiway Fuel Services Ltd. operates a modern Fleet of Fuel Trucks that operate on a 24/7 basis 365 days a year. We at Hiway understand that our industry has “no days off” and we are there to ensure your: fleet, generator, reefer, etc. operate with no downtime.

The customer tells us when they want fuel!
Give us a call anytime (24/7/365) and we will be there!

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What makes us special?

Hiway Fuel Services Ltd. operates in four major markets across western Canada: Lower Mainland (Vancouver area), Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg. Hiway Fuel Services Ltd. also has partnerships to service the other major markets across Canada: Vancouver Island, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Ontario. We are your one stop shop for mobile and onsite refueling for Canada. We offer real time reporting and “YOU” tell us when you want your equipment fueled!

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    Due to increase business Hiway has recently placed an order for a new Tandem tanker that will be added to the Edmonton Fleet.

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    Due to expanding business in Western Canada Hiway has had to expand its accounting department.  Please join us in welcoming Alice Fung to our accounting team.

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Our on-site fuelling service delivers fuel directly to your vehicles and other equipment safely and when it’s convenient to you. We deliver 24 hours a day, seven days a week and our online Real-time Fuel Management® system tracks and records each litre of fuel delivered, making recording keeping and reporting simple.

Our 24/7 on-site fuelling services help you streamline your refuelling process and fuel costs, while also reducing the risks associated with expensive fuel-related accidents. The cumulative cost of self-fuelling your vehicles (up to 30 minutes per unit) is eliminated with our on-site fuelling services. Not only will you reduce consumption, you will also be able to see the real cost of fuel for your business, while minimizing employee downtime associated with off-site refuelling.

Whether it’s after hours or when your vehicles and equipment aren’t in use, we work around your schedule so your team stays productive. Our certified fuelling professionals arrive at a time convenient to you, re-fuel your vehicles and equipment and then track this data using our Real-time Fuel Management® system.

All of your fuel transactions and consumption details are tracked with our Real-time Fuel Management® system that also lets you enter your own data. With this online, two-way tracking and reporting system you can download data into your accounting system and run reports using multiple file types such as PDF and Excel.

Customers also have the option to have complete customized reports emailed to them in excel at a frequency of their choice.  This takes the hassle away of going on-line.

Our prices remain the same whether we’re delivering fuel weekdays, weekends or on statutory holidays.

We serve a wide range of industries including reefer, railway, construction, transportation delivery and marine vessels. This includes on-road and off-read vehicles and equipment.

Our on-site fuel delivery services are offered throughout the lower mainland, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg.  We also have partnerships with other providers across Canada allowing us to service our clients throughout all of Canada.

We also offer the use of our card- lock network that can be used across Canada.

Winnipeg, MB